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PEDAL Hub: Resource Library


We have collected a range of resources for anyone who wants to find out more about play... 


  • Play Pieces, which make scientific research about play more accessible. 

  • Our core resources are a carefully curated collection of academic journal articles and books that represent high quality, peer-reviewed play research. You can browse this list alphabetically, or by using our 'Search Library' option (find out how to use it here). All the references from the ‘Play Pieces’ are also incorporated into this collection, along with relevant videos and websites. This collection is by no means exhaustive, and if you think that there is an exceptional book or article that should be there, please let us know. Though we curate our core resources to ensure they reflect high research standards, their presence on PEDAL Hub doesn’t necessarily mean they reflect our views.

  • We've identified a list of key words and phrases that we think could be useful for browsing all of the content on the website. This list is organised alphabetically, and will help you look through all of the articles, books, websites and media. Here's a little bit more information about key words and tags.

  • There is also a list of non-governmental organisations whose work relates to play. Currently this list only includes organisations within the UK, but if you have a recommendation for an organisation that you think should be there (based in the UK or beyond) please let us know