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Z: Zest! Motivation and playful learning in the classroom

By Soizic Le Courtois

How can teachers harness children's inner drive to learn?


Parent Cooperative Early Learning: The Playcentre Approach

children playing in mud

By Dr Paul Crowhurst

Whanau Tupu Ngatahi means families growing together. Paul Crowhurst tells us more about Playcentre, a family-led, play-based approach to early childhood education in New Zealand.   


Play and infant interactions with caregivers

By Dr Vicky Leong, Dr Melissa Scarpate & Dr Ciara Laverty


What are the benefits of quality playful interactions with your infant?


Play and Pretence

By Zhen Rao


What is pretend play and how does it link to a child’s emotional development?


Play and Self-regulation

By Dr David Whitebread


Self-regulation helps a child guide their thoughts, emotions and behaviours to accomplish a goal – how does play support this important area of development?


Play, Self-regulation, Executive Function and the Classroom Context

By Janina Eberhart


How and why do playful approaches to teaching support the development of self-regulation?